Digital Healthcare Speech Assistants

Top New Alexa Skills by Students

In the “rapid prototyping” lecture of the degree program Digital Healthcare at the St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences, students faced a unique task: after just a brief introduction to voice design and speech assistants, their assignment was to create and publish an Alexa skill or Google Assistant Action.

The topic was free to choose and up to the creativity of the students. Their creation had to pass the manual skill certification process performed by Amazon. This means that they didn’t have to just develop the skill, but also provide all required metadata like description and icons.

As a development tool for prototyping, we decided to use Voiceflow. It proved to be easy to use and extremely quick to achieve results already in our Alexa for Wellbeing Online Challenge.

Top Alexa Skills by the Students

In total, 14 skills have been developed and published by 14 students. Here, I’d like to highlight a few of the skills that I found especially interesting. Most of these are available in German only.

Cat Quiz

Upright Posture – Made Easy

  • Upright Posture – Made Easy Alexa skill by Irene Weis Physiotherapie

    You know you should straighten up. But do you find it difficult to implement this in your everyday life? Increase your well-being by straightening up more often. This skill helps you to incorporate straightening into your everyday life. To do this, you use simple, beautiful pictures that you imagine. The skill was developed by an experienced physiotherapist. It’s very short, just try it out.

    “Aufrechte Haltung – Leicht Gemacht” at the Alexa Skills website (German)

Orthoptics Quiz

Eye Muscle Functions

  • Eye Muscle Functions Alexa skill by Anna-Maria Windhofer

    This quiz is primarily intended to support prospective orthoptists and ophthalmologists as part of their training in learning the functions of the eye muscles. This knowledge test is also very suitable for refreshing the eye muscle functions.

    “Augenmuskelfunktionen” at the Alexa Skills website (German)

Exercise Buddy

My Smart BMI Calculator

Coffee Quiz Austria

Nukl Quiz

Beer Knowledge Austria

  • Beer Knowledge Alexa skill by Thomas Wolfinger

    I’ll explain briefly what beer knowledge Austria can do. Beer knowledge Austria enables you to learn interesting facts about the beer culture in Austria and to query this knowledge in the form of a quiz. Have fun!

    “Bierwissen” at the Alexa Skills website (German)