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Alexa for Wellbeing Online Challenge

In the near future, we will primarily interact with technology through voice. Especially for older generations and kids, voice has the lowest entry barrier – compared to the complexity of computers or even smartphones. Simply start talking to speech assistants like Amazon Alexa, and they will help immediately.

To make most use of it, I’ve co-organized the “Alexa for Wellbeing Online Challenge” during the last few weeks. Together with AWS Educate and Hilfswerk Lower Austria, we’ll host a 10-day online hackathon, open to everyone.

The Goal: Simple

Create a unique solution for Amazon Alexa that improves the wellbeing. What do we mean by that?

For example, create solutions where senior citizens can be more involved in everyday life; services that help social services and relatives to stay in touch; reminders to stay active and healthy; communication help in the daily (learning) routines. Speech assistants like Amazon Alexa are easy to access and in the middle of your living room, always ready to help.

Get Involved

The challenge runs from June 9th – June 19th, 2020:

  • Daily short input sessions in the challenge week: getting started creating your own skills for speech assistants. No prior technical knowledge required!
  • Experienced mentors help you with building your idea. Technical experts from AWS and the University of Applied Sciences St. Pölten help you with the implementation. Wellbeing experts from various fields help you finding the best way to address people.
  • If you like, work in teams to bring together the knowledge of various professions.
  • An international jury evaluates your skills. The best teams win Amazon Echo speakers.

Agenda & Registration

Signing up is free. The full agenda, list of mentors and registration is now live at