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Download hands-on workshop slides and material for a complete getting-started guide to your first 3D experience – with a background in digital healthcare!

Conference Session

The build.well.being conference is an annual networking event for the doers in Digital Healthcare. The fast-paced event compresses a lot of useful information into a short day: sessions from health professionals (including a keynote from Brian Anthony, associate director at the MIT.nano). Student project pitches. Plus: hands-on workshops.

Amazon Sumerian Workshop @ build.well.being, © FH St. Pölten | Tobias Sautner
Amazon Sumerian Workshop @ build.well.being, © FH St. Pölten | Tobias Sautner

Together with Anna Runefelt, I was running a challenging workshop: introducing attendees with a healthcare background to the world of Augmented / Virtual Reality. The aim of the hands-on workshop: creating your first live 3D experience in about 1 hour. This was possible thanks to the easy-to-use interface of Amazon Sumerian. Most of the attendees who followed along indeed managed to get a fully working 3D scene running on their laptops.

Tutorial Download

Completing the step-by-step tutorial, you get an interactive scene where an animated 3D avatar (called “host”) explains a topic. For example, you could also let her explain the human heart. This video shows the end result:

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To build this yourself, follow along the tutorial in the workshop slide-set, which I uploaded to SlideShare:

Screenshot of the Amazon Sumerian presentation
Sample slide: how to configure the host to start speaking to the user. The full slideset is available on SlideShare.

In addition, you will import a custom 3D model of the human heart. It is based on the free 3D model from Microsoft Remix 3D. For the tutorial, download this slightly modified version, which has the pivot point at the bottom of the 3D model to make animations easier.

For a more in-depth guide to Amazon Sumerian, you can of course also read my Sumerian blog post series. Currently, I’m working on the next part, which will dive deeper into improved interaction handling for Augmented Reality scenes.